MarţIan Negrea’s Countryside Impressions, Op. 6, for Piano a Narrative Analysis



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Martian Negrea (1893-1973), one of the most significant twentieth-century Romanian composers, gained fame in Romania during his lifetime through his musical compositions, theoretical treatises, and pedagogical career. The political climate of World War I and the tensions between the Catholic and Orthodox communities hindered progress in Negrea’s development as a professional composer. Despite these circumstances, he succeeded in developing a new musical style that combined Romanian folk elements with modern Western European musical techniques. This study will initially focus on Negrea’s biography, and it will also briefly discuss some of his most significant writings and compositions. This section will help to create an idea about the composer’s life, education, and his childhood memories which will influence him later in his compositional process. The second part of the paper will offer a comprehensive study on one of Negrea’s most important works, Countryside Impressions, Op. 6, a piano suite comprising six pieces. This project will explore each of the six miniatures for any content that may illuminate an interpretation of musical meaning in the work. Furthermore, this analysis will use the three narrative levels proposed by Almén– agential, actantial, and narrative– to examine a large-scale narrative trajectory that unifies the whole suite.



Martian Negrea, Countryside Impressions