An analysis of some of the generative and disruptive social forces of the last two decades which modify our educational thought and practice appertaining to home, school and community relationships



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It was the purpose of this investigation to make inquiry concerning some of the consequential generative and disruptive social forces, which during the last two decades, have served to alter or modulate our educational thought and practice regarding societal relationships between the home, the school and the community. This study was also concerned with determining some of the important social, economic, and political organizations at work in our present day society which can be utilized to bring about a program of functional education in our public schools. Such a program would be one in which the interests and needs of all the people of the community being served are met and adequately developed; and in which adequate cultural and vocational developments provide the means whereby people are better enabled to identify and resolve their own problems in such a way that new and better levels of living are achieved.



Social interaction, Interpersonal relations, Self-reliance