An objective analysis of the potentials for school district reorganization in a nineteen-county area of Southeast Texas



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Problem. The problem investigated in this study was to develop a program of school district reorganization applicable to districts within a nineteen-county area of southeast Texas, and to show what differences such a reorganization would make possible with respect to the following factors: tax structure, economy of operation, curriculum development, professional staffing, and potentials applicable to physical assets. Procedures. Statistical data were compiled concerning the problem. The information thus secured was related to each school district by counties and by county groups. Harris County was used as the point of geographical reference. The densely populated and heavily industrialized counties were considered apart from those denominated as "outlying. " Maps of each of the nineteen counties were produced. Existing school district boundaries were shown in each county. Symbols were used to denote the extent of educational opportunities offered by race and by grade. [...]