Perception of role conflict problems reported by heads of selected private schools : the Solomon Schechter Day Schools in North America



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This research study examined the perceptions of role conflict problems for the heads of certain private schools. Two hypotheses were tested which probed the relationship between eight specific independent variables and the dependent variable, problems with role conflict perception (PRCP) for these school heads. Hypothesis One predicted significant relationships between contract status, tenure, clearly stated job descriptions, gender, educational background and the PRCP reported by the heads in this study. It was predicted that male heads would experience less PRCP than would female heads; and that contract status, tenure, educational background, and clearly stated job descriptions would be predictors of PRCP. Hypothesis Two predicted negative correlations between the age of the head, the number of years as an educational administrator, the number of years in current position and the PRCP reported by the heads in this study. (i.e.. Those older, more experienced heads would perceive the least conflict.) [...]



Jewish religious schools--United States, School superintendents, School principals, Role conflict