Fast contingency analysis for power system operations and planning



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With the advent of fast and large capacity computers, the solution technique for power system load flow and other related problems pertaining to system contingencies seemed to have reached their final stage. However, in spite of these tools, the evaluation of large system contingencies using conventional load flow programs has been very tedious and uneconomical. For many planning and operations applications, an exact power flow solution with a detailed output is not necessary. For these applications, it is much more efficient to use a fast approximate solution method and to limit the output to include only the most essential information. A technique that simulates line contingencies is developed which provides information on the final state of a power system. This simulation is accomplished by modification of the power injected into the system bases. The modification is calculated using the Jacobian matrix of the system. Real and reactive power flowing in all system elements and voltages at all buses are then calculated. This technique is extended for study of single line outage, simultaneous multiple line outage, single line addition, simultaneous multiple line addition, and addition of a new bus. The proposed method has been applied to a 6-bus and a 30-bus system. The power flows and bus voltages calculated by the proposed technique are compared with those obtained from the conventional load flow technique.



Electric power distribution--Reliability--Data processing, Electric power systems