An iconographic study of the relationships of selected demographic variables to national regional, state or local allegiance



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The purpose of this study was to investigate relationships between an individual's identification with the nation, region, state, or locality and five selected demographic variables. These variables were religious belief, ethnic background, language, degree of mobility, and grade level. To ascertain the primary identification of the individual, an instrument was developed that measured the national, regional, state, and local allegiance of the individual through the responses he made to iconographical symbols of these four types of political organizations. The iconographical symbols were derived empirically from a questionnaire administered to over three hundred students in grades seven through twelve attending five school districts in Harris County, Texas. The final survey instrument was administered to one thousand students in the five school districts. It was accompanied by a form designed to gather the necessary demographic data on each individual sampled. The relationships between territorial allegiance and the five demographic variables were examined through chi square tests of relationship. [...]



Affiliation (Psychology), Identity (Psychology)