The development of the Brazosport kindergarten program, Freeport, Texas



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It is the purpose of this study to reveal the steps in the development of the Brazosport kindergarten program. The scope of the study includes: (1) pointing out the contributions kindergarten training can make to the education of the whole child; (2) describing policies and practices in the organization and administration of the Brazosport kindergarten) (3) presenting the alms and objectives of the kindergarten curriculum; (U) presenting existing programs and activities of the Brazosport kindergartens; (?) pointing out certain considerations basic to the establishment of a kindergarten program; and (6) recommending policies and procedures for further expansion of the Brazosport kindergarten program. Information was obtained through a review of publications। works of writers in the field of kindergarten education, as well as observations and interviews in both public and laboratory school kindergartens. Schools visited were In Texas, Illinois, and Washington. [...]