Graph-based, Policy-driven Resource Mapping for Precise Allocations on Diverse Computer Networks



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Distributed systems encompass a wide variety of compute platforms, serving various computing industries. Shared infrastructure systems, including HPC, cloud, and testbeds, provide remote access to network and compute hardware to facilitate web services, compute jobs, research, and a number of other services. Allocation systems perform the mapping of resources between customer specifications and available hardware. Typically, these allocation systems are tailor-built for a particular system or environment with a focus on mapping compute resource. Our research determined a lack of existing allocation system able to represent any networked system and to consider the network resources at the same priority as compute. This research proposes a flexible, graph-based resource description data structure able to express diversity in network topology and device composition. Given this new structure, we designed and implemented two solvers for finding resource mappings between the request and infrastructure networks. Lastly, we implemented eight allocation policies able to consider both requester and infrastructure provider requirements to select optimal network allocations. The achieved allocation system is evaluated through simulation and we provide detailed discussion of the results.



Distributed Systems, Resource Allocation, Resource Mapping


Portions of this document appear in: Baxley, Stuart, Deniz Gurkan, Hamidreza Validi, and Illya Hicks. "Graph Representation of Computer Network Resources for Precise Allocations." In 2022 International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN), pp. 1-10. IEEE, 2022.