Implementation of Dip Move-Out and Prestack Imaging on the Cray X-MP

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The Dip Move-Out and Prestack Imaging algorithms were implemented on the Cray X-MP vector processor. Dip Move-Out by migration of radial trace profile is also implemented. The theory behind these methods is also discussed briefly. The Fast Fourier Transform and convolution are used as the computational basis of this program. A brief overview of the Cray X-MP system is given and the algorithms used are discussed. The data motion scheme implementing the out-of-core version using asynchronous I/O is discussed in detail. The optimization of code for vectorization affecting the improvements of the computing is also discussed. Finally the results of DMO and PSI on physical tank data and on synthetic data are presented. Further development of this program as a multitasking version are also discussed.

Seismic waves--Data processing