A survey and analysis of the work and preparation of public school counselors in Texas



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The primary objectives of this investigation were to: (1) survey and. analyze the work and preparation of public school counselors in Texas, (2) study the influence which the Foundation School Program Act has had on the guidance movement in Texas, and (3) see if the preparation offered counselor trainees in the colleges and universities is adequate for the job facing them as future public school counselors. A secondary objective was to provide data that would make possible the continued study, evaluation, and improvement of counselor preparatory programs in Texas. It was assumed that data of this nature would be of interest and value to counselor trainers, counselors in the field, school administrators, and the Texas Education Agency. Data for this study were obtained principally by means of a questionnaire survey of practicing public school counselors, school administrators, and counselor trainers. Visits were made to each of the counselor training institutions and conferences were held with a limited number of counselors and administrators. The findings of this study are based on data gathered from two hundred counselors, 196 school administrators, and nineteen counselor trainers. [...]