An investigation of verbal problems found in American arithmetic textbooks published between 1870 and 1966



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This study involved an examination of the verbal problems contained within 44 arithmetic textbooks published between 1870 and 1966. The analysis of the verbal problems included the number and type of verbal problems and the complexity and concepts contained within them. In general, the problem solving strategies across the time periods included in this study appear to shift from an emphasis on difficult computational skills in the texts published between 1870 and 1900 to understanding of problem solving strategies and utilization of discrimination skills in the 1931-1966 texts. The texts of the 19301s and 1940's contained the greatest number of problems reguiring discrimination between distractors, choices of operations and understanding of meaning but the 1955-1966 texts showed a slight decrease in such problems. [...]



Mathematics--Textbooks, Mathematics--Study and teaching--United States