A study of attitudes of elementary and secondary teachers of mathematics toward selected deterrents to pupil progress



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Purpose of the study. Sixteen specific deterrents to pupil progress in mathematics were identified by secondary teachers of Houston in 1968. They were: verbal problem mental block-- pupil dependence upon teacher-- multi-step problem inertia-- minimal-requirement thinking-- scratch paper usage-- quick answer emphasis-- mathematics boredom-- high mark expectation-- anticipatory answer rigidity-- substandard spelling-- compartmentalization-- lack of mathematics history knowledge-- terminological carelessness-- mixed-numeral emphasis-- geometric symbolism misconception-- exactness of measurement. The survey implied that the deterrents were avoidable and their development was enhanced by attitudes and practices of elementary teachers. This study was: (1) an attempt to discover whether elementary teachers actually do possess the attitudes and follow the practices assumed by secondary teachers; (2) to determine the extent to which the same attitudes exist among secondary teachers of mathematics; and (3) to develop instruments capable of measuring attitudes and practices of teachers relative to the 16 deterrents. [...]



Elementary school teachers, High school teachers, Mathematics