Correlates of disability among the non-institutionalized impaired



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The present study was exploratory in nature. Utilizing a multifaceted concept of disability, an attempt was made to systematically identify factors relating to the disabling impact of severe physical impairment among non-institutionalized adults. Data were drawn from the 1979 telephone survey of handicapped persons conducted for the City of Houston. The study sample consisted of 811 severely impaired, noninstitutionalized adults between the ages of eighteen and ninety-six. Major findings of the study suggest that the level of disability exhibited is the additive effect of a number of potentially exacerbating or ameliorating factors. The extent to which the individual is disabled, however, appears to be primarily a function of the additive effects of age, occupation and attendant related factors, impairment characteristics, and the age when onset occurred, and secondarily, of the utilization of rehabilitation services and household characteristics. Suggestions for future research in this area are offered.



People with disabilities--Rehabilitation