The twelve minute swim as a test for aerobic endurance in swimming



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This research sought to establish the validity of the twelve minute crawl stroke swim as a measure of aerobic endurance in swimming. Concurrent validity was to be established by finding the relation between a combination of the twelve minute swim and skill and a criterion measure of aerobic endurance in swimming. The underlying structures of the twelve minute swim were also examined. The relationship between the components of the structure and the criterion measure were to be determined. Forty-two swimmers of intermediate to advanced levels of swimming ability were administered three tests. The first was a multi-stage test of aerobic endurance. A swimming ergometer was used to control the tethered swimmer's workload which was increased in step by step manner. Time of exercise was recorded for each subject. As a measure of skill the swimmers crawl stroke count was recorded for two lengths. The final test was a twelve minute crawl stroke distance swim. The distances covered in each minute along with the total distance was recorded for each subject. All tests were administered within ten days to prevent changes in levels of endurance or skill. [...]