Search : an expert system for peripheral neurology

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This thesis describes an expert system, nailed Search, that was produced for the microcomputer. Using the KnowledgeManager database system, a program was produced to aid in medical diagnosis in the field of peripheral neurology. One hundred and three 'If-Then' rules are used to diagnosis ten diseases or conditions. Diagnoses require eleven or less program-asked questions. The KnowledgeManager system allows the If-Then rules used in the Search program, the knowledge base, to be stored on a diskette and accessed as needed by the program. With this disk storage, the program can function on a microcomputer with a minimum capacity of 256K. The disk access is rapid enough so that there is only a three to four second lag between a user response and the next program-asked question. The Search program does forward and backward chaining. It also contains a number of additional features, such as in-program editing, key-word searching, listing of questions used to reach a diagnosis, a search for additional information on the current question and several help commands. Diagnoses and help commands are high lighted by special colored displays. Calculations indicate that the size of the program's knowledge base could be expanded to three thousand If-then rules with no modifications in the current program's structure. With some minor modifications, the knowledge base could contain ten thousand If-Then rules.

Nerves, Peripheral--Data processing