Roots: Renewal from Birth and Decay



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For thousands of years, the way of life was symbiotic with the ecology of lowland jungles in then sparsely populated central Thailand. Such is the condition of birth. However, drastic population growth and inevitable changes in societal behavior today have placed the region on a path of physical development that is unsustainable. This trajectory of decay will only result in further destruction if continued. Therefore, there is an urgent need to restore ways of developing, utilizing, and dwelling that are in harmony with landscape and the natural water cycles – the need for renewal. Renewal is neither a nostalgic recreation of the past nor an utter disregard for the present, but rather a bridge between birth and decay. It is the process of identifying the key factors that made our historical relationship with the land symbiotic while addressing today's challenges and potential benefits to create the hybrid solutions that borrow the best of both worlds for a resilient tomorrow. This thesis restructures ways in which land, in the spirit of renewal, can be developed for living.



Land development, Thailand, Architecture