Ashton Gardens Wedding Venue Redesign


Ashton Gardens is a Walters Wedding Estates company with 16+ years of experience in providing exceptional event experiences and lifelong memories. They offer customizable packages through flexible catering, beverage, and vendor packages built to suit a couple’s needs, dreams, and budget. The overall efficiency contributes to the success of the wedding. By analyzing the major bottlenecks of the business, solutions are proposed to tackle two major issues identified to increase their profit margins. Their smooth operating team has hosted 130 weddings in the past year alone, but like any other business they have their own share of issues, which include improper storage locations, excessive glass casing breakage, and lack of space for the groom’s room. The storage rooms are currently located on the second floor of the building without an elevator, to restock the bar the staff must carry delicate glass casings over long distances via a narrow staircase. This leads to costly unnecessary glass casing damage and wasted time and effort that could be used elsewhere. Moreover, the current groom’s room is limited in space and prevents the bridal party from getting the full use of the space in a comfortable manner. Finally, the venue loses a significant amount of money due to the poorly planned schedule. Without overlaps between consecutive schedules, overstaffing and understaffing at times, the venue is ill prepared for last minute preparations. With our renditions we hope to streamline more success and profit for this evergreen wedding venue!



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