An Examination of Team Symbolic Factors That Influence Sport Consumption



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Background: The purpose of this research is to present a theoretical framework and scale of an expanded definition of perceived aesthetics previously identified with team symbolism components (i.e., logo, color, mascot, uniform, sport venue, etc.), and how they influence consumptive behavioral intentions of sport consumers. Methods: A structural model was developed based on the literature review and subsequently tested empirically by using an online 27-item questionnaire. A Likert type scale comprised of seven points was employed. The sample was drawn from a large, urban university, in a southern city, with both collegiate and professional sport teams. A total of 922 completed and usable respondent questionnaires were analyzed. Results: Results of two confirmatory factor analyses (CFA) respecified a model for perceived team symbolism and a consequent structural equation modeling (SEM) suggested the sport consumers’ behavioral intentions is affected by perceived aesthetic quality of team symbolism.



Sports marketing, Logo, Color, Perceived aesthetic quality, Team appearance, Team symbolism