Readership habits of teachers



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The Problem: This study was conducted to analyze the readership habits and interests of teachers in service in the public schools of Jefferson County, Texas, during the 1964-65 school year. (Readership was defined as the quantity and variety of reading habitually pursued). The data were used to show the relationship between readership habits and such factors as age, sex, marital status, and teaching experience. Procedures: A closed-form questionnaire was developed and submitted to 258 classroom teachers who were selected as a representative random sample of the teachers in the seven school districts. Two hundred and fourteen of the questionnaires were returned. The final form of the questionnaire contained thirty-seven questions grouped under four major divisions, namely: (1) personal background, (2) professional background, (3) social and economic background, and (4) reading habits of teachers. [...]



Reading interests, Teachers, Out-of-school activities