Italian Convent Music of the Early Modern Period: Overview and Suggestions for Current Performances



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Women’s role in music has garnered much curisotiy and attention in the twenty-first century. While many women of the Romantic period and later have been thoughtfully studied, not as much research has been dedicated to women of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Even less has been dedicated to women who were a part of female monastic communities. These nuns served a vital role in the musical and spiritual lives of their communities. They served as singers, organists, instrumentalits, teachers, and composers. While many of their publications remain lost or attritubted to men, much can be gained from studying their music. Paramount to this conversation is how many of their works, originally published for mixed voices, were performed and what this means for current performances.



Gender studies, Women and gender studies, Musicology, Convent music, Baroque music, Italian music, Early modern period, Performance practice, Early music, Treble choirs, Nuns, Convents, Convent reform, Choral repertoire