Cell culture, protoplast isolation, and cell fusion of cannabis sativa L.; Evaluation of chilling preventative chemicals and quality control of bananas in the tropics

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Callus isolated from leaf tissue of Cannabis sativa L. formed roots or vascular elements when transferred to media containing low concentrations of NAA supplemented with kinetin. Female floral buds and floral epidermal strips maintained a living state and stained positive for cannabinoids after a 3 week period. Protoplasts were isolated from leaf and callus tissues and induced to fuse with tomato protoplasts. Conditions of a banana farm in the Dominican Republic were studied in relation to fruit quality. Calcareous soil reactions, insect control, and fruit production methods are also reported. The effect of DMS or SAF oils are shown to inhibit protosynthetic CO2 uptake under laboratory conditions; oils were phytotoxic when applied to leaf tissues in the field; lower concentrations left an uneven appearence, higher concentrations produced more favorable results.