Evolution of 3D Printing for Martian Habitats



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Evolution of 3D printing processes and applications will have significant importance to near term and long term planetary space program initiatives. Long–term Martian missions will require a large amount of supplies to be transported to Mars. In-situ Resource Utilization and 3D Printing will reduce the interplanetary material transportation needs and thereby will contribute to more efficient Mars colonization. The composition of Martian soil enables it to be used as a 3D printing material. Martian atmospheric composition and presence of water allows production of 3D printing binder on the surface. Once 3D printing of habitats is finished, they will be made Human-rated to ensure the habitability of 3D printed domes. Multiple 3D printed domes will serve different functionalities: habitation, science and medical labs and green house.



3D printing, In-situ resource utilization, Mars