An examination of the need for new strategy in the reform of public education



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It is widely argued that the reason educational reform in America fails is because it is Inconsistent with the wishes of those in power. An alternative to that position is that educational reformers may go about their task with less efficiency or competence than is required by the goals at hand. The present thesis, without debating the point, assumes that the success or failure of educational reform rests largely in the hands of reformers themselves. Through a description of some of the educational literature, an attempt will be made to cast some light on the degree to which better planning and strategy may be needed. Specifically, it will be assumed that to the degree that the reformist position differs substantively from the opposition position, reformists must seek strategies of compromise, their opponents being far too strong to be overthrown. On the other hand, lack of substantive ideological conflict might permit a militant stance for an accomodative reformism, politically within education. The primary focus of analysis, then, will be on the degree of difference or agreement between reformers and the old guard) and the primary policy question will have to do with the degree of militancy or compromise indicated, accordingly.



Public education, Education reform