X-ray detector design for a keV scale sterile neutrino search



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Neutrino flavor oscillation experiments provide evidence of physics beyond the Standard Model. Specifically the potential for an additional neutrino which interacts solely with the currently ob- served, active neutrinos. This proposed, sterile, neutrino interacts via a weak coupling and is involved in the extensions to the Standard Model which describe the origin of the neutrino masses. The Heavy Unseen Neutrino Total Energy-momentum Reconstruction experiment provides a po- tential method for detection of a keV scale sterile neutrino through the kinematics of an electron- capture decay event. Central to the acceptance of an event involving a sterile neutrino is the detection of a monoenergetic x-ray. Through the use of Monte-Carlo simulation methods and ma- chine learning algorithms, a detector capable of the precision necessary for accurate reconstruction of the x-ray kinematics is described in this work.



Neutrino, Sterile, X-ray, Detection, Simulations, Geant4