Statistical correlations of the engineering properties of the Beaumont clays



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This thesis is a study of the interrelationships among the engineering properties of the Beaumont Clay Formation in Texas. The correlation between the laboratory undisturbed cohesive strengths, swelling characteristics, consolidation data, and standard compaction test results of the Beaumont clays; with the index soil properties of unit weight, moisture content and liquid and plastic limits were investigated. The raw data represents the results of laboratory tests performed on samples of the clay formation under study. The data was analysed statistically using a UNIVAC 1108 computer, to develop the final correlations. The undisturbed shear strengths do not show a high degree of correlation with any of the index properties investigated. The compression index and rebound slope has a reasonably high degree of correlation with the index properties of the clay. The optimum moisture content and maximum dry density of the Beaumont clay, as determined by the standard compaction test, correlated well with the liquid limit and with each other.