Effects of Viscoelasticity and Hyperelasticity on Attenuation Characteristics of Periodic Foundations



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A periodic foundation is a seismic isolation system, designed using materials with disparate characteristics. This metamaterial-based seismic isolation has a unique feature of band gaps that attenuates seismic waves of certain frequencies. Two quantities of interest for such design are first cut-off frequency and band gap width. This research quantifies the effect of viscoelasticity using lumped parameters system—Kelvin-Voigt model and Maxwell model---and layered continuum media. Our goal is to show that band structure of a metamaterial with viscoelastic base materials is far richer than a metamaterial with elastic base materials. Furthermore, we will perform Frequency Response Function (FRF) analyses for various periodic foundations and steel frames constructed with periodic foundations comprising elastic, viscoelastic, and hyperelastic properties and compare attenuation zones under various seismic waves. This study will be valuable for designing seismic isolation systems that encounter large deformations.



Periodic foundation, band gap, hyperelasticity, viscoelasticity