Partial characterization of cell-free washes from Proteus vulgaris and their effect on various biological phenomena



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The present study examines 'cellular' substances obtained in a number of aqueous washes from the stationary growth phase of Proteus vulgaris. Various wash fractions differ in RNA, DNA, protein, RNase, DNase and protease. Differences were also found in the number of antigenic components and biological activity of the washes. It was noted that the differences in extractable 'cellular' constituents are dependent on the nature? of the aqueous extractant, as well as on the number of washes. These studies show for the first time transformation of streptomycin resistance (Smr) in P. vulgaris. It was also shown that the transformation frequency was enhanced by combining transforming -DNA with selected cell free washes. Evidence was presented showing the 'conversion' of streptomycin resistance (Smr) of streptomycin (Sms5) and streptomycin (Sms5) to streptomycin resistance (Smr) by cell, free aqueous; washes at a higher frequency than could be accounted for by transforming -DNA.