New Venice: Your Address in Space



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This thesis outlines the preliminary considerations for the design of a human outpost in Space. As a discussion piece, it introduces the overarching challenges that need to be overcome when designing manned facilities. Assumptions regarding economic settings and technological developments are made to provoke paradigm shifting concepts for the construction of space habitats. As a large commercial outpost in space, New Venice’s greatest challenge is to allow a multitude of economic activities to coexist in harmony, without interfering with each other. In addition, the facility must be designed for the physical and emotional well-being of its residents. To resolve these issues, the outpost is organized in functional clusters, each with its own sets of requirements and constraints. The intention is to develop new design solutions that are both human centered and functional, unique to the micro gravity environment. Innovative thinking and application of emerging technology hold the key to constructing large structures in space, which is crucial to break free from the modular space stations of today.



Space architecture, Human spaceflight, Human Centered Design, Space construction, Space Outposts, Space stations, Space habitat, Human Systems Engineering