Development of a behavioral oriented rating scale to evaluate teaching skills of medical school faculty at the autonomous University of Guadalajara, Mexico



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This study completed at the UAG Medical School had as its purpose to develop and validate a behavioral oriented rating scale to evaluate teaching skills of clinical professors, in order to promote the enhancing of teaching abilities. Two main problems arose in the field of quality control in the teaching learning process. First, there was a lack of valid, and reliable behavioral oriented data gathering instruments at the UAG Medical School. Secondly, the instrument in use at the UAG Medical School to evaluate teacher performance required that the observer make value judgments when collecting data. Therefore, many protests from medical professors were lodged. The Dean of the medical school and his associates established a professor's supervision system in 1976 through the Health Sciences Education Secretaryship. This move lead to the development of an objective instrument to collect data from students concerning teacher performance. In order to accomplish the purpose of faculty evaluation, a description of "good" teaching was developed from a review of the literature. [...]



College teachers--Rating of--Mexico--Guadalajara