A spectroscopic study of carcinogenic hydrocarbons: I. A study of the emission spectra of tetracyclic aromatic hydrocarbons



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The fluoresoence end phosphorescence spectra of the following compounds at liquid nitrogen temperatures have been determined! benz(a)anthracene, twelve of its mono-methyl derivatives, and five of its dimethyl derivatives; benzo(c)phenanthrene, five of its mono-methyl derivatives, and one tetra-methyl derivative; chrysene, three of its mono-methyl derivatives, and one dimethyl derivative; triphenylene, its two mono-mthyl derivatives, two dimethyl derivatives, and a tri-methyl derivative; and naphthacene and a dimethyl derivative of naphthacene. Since some of these compounds are known to be carcinogenically active, an attempt was made to correlate features of their spectra with their carcinogenic activity Specifically, the origins of ths fluorescence and the phosphorescence band systems of these compounds and their singlet-triplet splits were examined in this connection, No specific conclusion was reached regarding the relationship of the emission spectra of e compound and its carcinogenic activity.