Simulating FORTRAN for the Cyber-205 on a VAX-11/780

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High-performance supercomputers are Increasingly in demand in scientific and business areas. Because of limited availability of supercomputers, most users will not be in close proximity to such a machine; hence these computers are custanarily used via remote job entry or remote time sharing. Therefore, when writing a vectorized FORTRAN program to be run on the Cyber-205, it is currently necessary to use that machine, not only for the actual execution of the program, but also for coding, debugging, and testing it. We design a simulation project for these purpose. This thesis implemented a Cyber-205 FORTRAN front-end simulator to run on a VAX-11/780. The simulator is to accept Cyber-205 FORTRAN batch jobs and translate then into FORTRAN programs which can be run on a VAX-11/780. The methods of translation and the testing are discussed; a user's guide is included.

VAX-11 (Computer)--Programming, FORTRAN (Computer program language)