A selective catalyst for the production of LPG from synthesis gas



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A study of the production of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) from the hydrogenation of CO over nickel catalysts is reported. Coprecipitated nickel alumina catalysts reduced between 300 [degrees] C and 400 [degrees] C are shown to have a high selectivity to LPG. Reactor temperatures of 275 [degrees] C to 310 [degrees] C give satisfactory conversion levels without sacrificing LPG yields. High contact times and a H2/CO ratio of two appears to be a good compromise between conversion, LPG production, and catalyst fouling. Magnetic studies to determine crystallite size distributions are reported. Lifetime studies for a nickel alumina catalyst (Catalyst A) show rapid deactivation initially down to 40% conversion where further deactivation is slow. Reduction temperature has no effect on this. Regeneration is possible with no loss of activity or selectivity. Temperature programming to maintain conversion is also possible with little sacrifice of selectivity. [...]