Exact quantum integral equation approach to reactive scattering

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In the following paper, a new integral equation method which solves realistic quantum mechanical three dimensional reactive scattering problems in chemical reactions is presented in detail. Unlike conventional differential equation approaches which have been very successful in nonreactive scattering calculations but are rather difficult to implement in reactive scattering where more than one arrangement channel is energetically accessible, the new integral equation approach is very simple to implement both for reactive and nonreactive scattering. The new method which is capable of solving three dimensional reactive problems as well as nonreactive ones is very general in its nature, in that it doesn't assume any special symmetry property of the system being treated. Within the formalism of this new method, nonreactive scattering is just a special case of the more general reactive one, so the new method is a completely general way of treating complex collisions involving many bodies and many arrangements.

Chemical reaction, Conditions and laws of--Mathematics, Scattering (Physics)--Mathematics