Optimal synthesis of serial particulate recovery schemes



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A procedure for synthesis of multistage acyclic systems is described. In such problems the "number of stages" is a discrete variable to be determined. This problem is solved by comparing the optimum design for various values of "number of stages" till a local minimum is detected. The optimum design for a given number of stages is determined by the Forward Dynamic Programming algorithm. Synthesis of Air Pollution Control Equipment Schemes is used to illustrate the method. The cost-efficiency data for each equipment type is collected by parametric studies, the parameters being the dust distribution, inlet flow rate, and the desired collection efficiency. This data is analysed to determine, for each equipment type, a region of feasibility in removing particulate matter from a given stream. If an equipment is outside the region of feasibility for a particular operation, it can be rejected apriori without performing calculations by CEDA. Conservative criteria based on the above, are determined for apriori selection of equipments for a specified stream. This selection reduces the computation time considerably.



Pollution control equipment--Simulation methods.