The relationship between family interaction patterns and level of achievement among academically gifted children



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Underachievement among gifted children has been related to parental attitudes, child rearing practices, independence training, and degree of congruence between parental perceptions of the child and the child's self esteem (Shaw, 1978; Whitmore, 1980). Studies of family factors that relate to underachievement among gifted children have addressed SES, parental expectations and values, sibling interactions, family size and birth order (Ziv, 1977) . Few investigators have explored the extent to which family interaction characteristics may influence the development of intellectual skills (Pulvino & Lupton, 1978). This investigation measured the extent to which perceived family cohesion and adaptability, family satisfaction, and communication between parent and adolescent child associate with level of achievement among gifted students,and a control group of regular students [...]



Gifted children--Family relationships, Gifted children--Psychology