An analysis of a conceptual model of influences on teachers' verbal questioning during reading discussions



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The purpose of this study is to examine a model of three influences on teachers' verbal questioning during reading discussions by analyzing the relationship between the independent variables of the model-teachers' conceptions about reading, basal reading level of the reading group, and prespecified characteristics of the instructional program-and the dependent variable of the model-teachers' verbal questioning during small group reading discussions. Teachers' conceptions about reading are defined as teachers' theoretical and practical beliefs about reading (Duffy & Anderson, 1982). Instructional program refers to the basal program utilized in the reading discussion. Basal reading level of the reading group is defined as the publisher's designated level of the basal being used by the reading group. Sixty elementary teachers (grades 1 through 5) participated in the present study. Teachers led and taped an entire basal story discussion, completed a questionnaire to assess certain beliefs of theirs about reading, The Propositional Inventory (Duffy & Metheny, 1978), and completed a brief survey of teacher, school, and basal story information. [...]