Parent Child Development Center (PCDC) follow-up : parent, teacher, and self-report of Mexican American adolescent behavior problems



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A follow-up of the Parent Child Development Center (PCDC) study examined the reports of behavior problems for Mexican American adolescents from mothers, teachers and the adolescents. The 109 Mexican American families, 75 control group and 34 program group representing four cohorts, were randomly assigned when the index children were one year of age. Data were collected in the homes of the mothers and index children, ages 10-14, and from their teachers at school. The program and control groups, raters, and both sexes were compared on three measures, the Child Behavior Checklist (Achenbach & Edelbrock, 1981), completed by mothers, the Youth Self-Report (Achenbach & Edelbrock, 1983) , completed by the adolescents, and the AML (Cowen et al., 1973), completed by the teachers. All instruments reported internalizing, externalizing and total T scores. It was found that self-report contained more internalizing behaviors than parent and teacher reports, through a Multivariate Analysis of Variance, F(1,108) = 5.87, p < .017. No group differences were found for behavior problems. Post-hoc analyses found that group differences were due to the perspective of the rater, rather than the sex of the index child, or the type of behavior being rated. Suggestions were offered that future studies on behavior problems from multiple perspectives separate method variance from trait variance.



Mexican American youth, Psychology