Pass rate and manageability of resource acquisition of secondary school principals in Nigeria



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The strong financial constraints which have affected Nigeria and resulted in a scaling down of resources allocated to education prompted the need of this study. The purpose of the study was to find out how the pass rate of students in Nigerian secondary schools was affected by various resource acquisition actions of the school principals of those schools. The intent was to highlight only those aspects that positively affect the pass rate of students so that money will not be wasted on the less important aspects of the school. The resources examined included quality of teachers, number of students per teacher and adequacy of classrooms per class. The sample included the 14 oldest schools in Oredo Local government area of Bendel State, Nigeria. Since students must pass the West African School Certificate Examination to graduate, the pass rate can be calculated for each school. The pass rate of students for a period of four years, the quality of teachers, the number of students per teacher and percentage number of classrooms were all collected for each of the schools, rank ordered and grouped as high or low categories. [...]



School management and organization--Nigeria, Education, Secondary--Nigeria