Organic requirements and growth of Physarum flavicomum variety 1 in a chemically defined synthetic medium



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Physarum flavicomum variety 1 was cultured in a semidefined medium developed by Henney and Henney, Hematin and yeast extract were essential for growth of this organism in the semi-defined medium. Vitamin free casein or amino acids and vitamins were substituted for the yeast extract and the N-Z case of the semi-defined medium and the organism was grown in a completely defined synthetic medium. Two vitamins, biotin and thiamine, were shown to be absolute requirements. Single deletion experiments of thirteen amino acids prove methionine to be the only required amino acid. However, five other amino acids, lysine, serine, valine, leucine, and glycine, together with methionine were essential for normal growth as the medium approached the minimal point. The defined medium thus consists of hematin, the two vitamins, six amino acids, glucose, trace elements, and salts.