Real-Time Monitoring and Characterization of Smart Cement and Soil with Polymer Modification to Control Gas Leakage and Corrosion.



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In Oil and Gas, downhole sensing and monitoring of cementing activities is extremely difficult. Smart cement with an electrical impedance method provides a new mechanism to monitor cementing activities. In this research, the rheological properties of cement slurries at different temperatures, the effect of polymer addition has been investigated. With different additives, the sensing properties of smart Class H cement is monitored for field applications. Research is done on different types of cement additives to check their efficacy to control shrinkage, impact retardation, gas prevention capacity, sensing properties, and their overall effect on mechanical properties. Another major problem in the oil industry is gas leakage. In this research, the hydration mechanism of cement affected by gas migration is put forward. The gas leak in cement slurry at various stages of curing and effect on electrical properties in investigated A novel method to quantify gas leak is proposed, which would accurately differentiate the efficiency of cement slurries to prevent gas leakage. Detection and quantification of gas leakage on cement at high temperature and high pressure are investigated by using sensing smart cement and electrical impedance concept. In this study, polymer stabilization of clay has been investigated. Using electrical properties, the effect of polymer on clay soil was investigated. Polymer stabilization provides a rapid and cost-effective alternative to lime treatment. In this research, the quantification of electrical properties of soil due to polymer application is done, which could be applied on the field for quality control. Additionally, for detecting artificial ground freezing, the electrical impedance method is verified.The change in electrical properties of soil is quantified by the electric measurements. In this research, the corrosion of cement composites and steel is evaluated using electrical impedance method. The corrosion kinetics occurring inside the material are quantified by using an equivalent electric impedance method.



Oil Well Cementing,cement rheology,resistivity,gas migration,polymer,soil stabilization.Corrosion.