Path Switching Delay Measurements in Software-Defined Networks



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The research fundamentally focuses on a study of the multipath switching in software-defined networks. On the one hand, the thesis aims to measure and determine the latency cost in the process of traffic engineering of the multipath software-defined networks. On the other hand, the thesis intends to enhance link utilization in the software-defined networks with dynamic path switching. To experiment and collect measurement data, a northbound application for multipath switching was programmed and implemented in the virtual network environment. The application was capable of exchanging related information with a network controller in order to dynamically manage the traffic between network end points. The research investigated all necessary parts of the executing process including traffic characteristics before and after path switching, time for message exchanging in control plane, and reaction time between control plane and data plane network elements.



SDN, Dynamic Path Switching, OVS, SFlow-RT, Floodlight