Statistical Analysis of HCP Polycrystals Using Crystal Plasticity Modeling and Simulation



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Three-dimensional crystal plasticity finite element modeling and simulation of polycrystalline magnesium (Mg) alloys is performed. The focus of this work is on extracting the relation between the initial texture and the mechanical behavior of a polycrystalline Mg microstructure under uniaxial loading, particularly along principal directions of a rolled material - rolling (L), in-plane transverse to rolling (T), and out-of-plane transverse (S) to L and T. Starting with an initial rolled texture of an Mg alloy as a basis, the effect of deviations in the initial texture on the macroscopic and microscopic characteristics is analyzed through quantitative analysis of the deviations in the overall stress-strain behaviors, activities of the slip and twinning mechanisms, and textural evolution.



Slip and twinning, HCP, Magnesium alloy AZ31, Polycrytalline materials, Crystal plasticity