Visual Comparison Model for Transportation Data of Great Britain



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It is a known fact today, that globalization has increased the opportunities around the world and more so in the urban areas. As a result, there is high concentration of population in all urban communities around the world. In order to meet these needs, public transportation system has developed at a fascinating pace around the world. This leads to vast amount of transportation data. Now researchers and experts are digging in to find new ways to improve it further. In this paper, we use one such data set. We explore the Transportation Data of Great Britain and visually compare the changes and trends it underwent over past few years. We try to answer to what extent the transportation network has directly impacted the population and job distribution in major cities of Great Britain. We provide flexible search queries, allowing users to interact with different aspects of city geography and dynamically see the changes taking place at those locations. Finally, we present a series of case studies we developed to analyze the data and find interesting results from it.



Visual Comparison, Transportation Data, Population, Job density, Great Britain