The subsurface geology of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana



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The study of the subsurface structures of Vermilion Parish and the techniques available in subsurface interpretations is presented as a contribution to the further advancement of stratigraphic knowledge in South Louisiana. Structural maps and analyses are presented for the local structures, and each area is classified into types of structural highs, types of structural patterns, types of Individual faults, and relative stratigraphic positions of beds. The need for regional rock unit nomenclature is stressed, and a method of subdividing the stratigraphic section into sand and shale members is introduced and designated the graphic overlay method, It is proposed that the utilization of this method will supply a practical basis for rock unit nomenclature unhampered by conflicting individual interpretations. It is concluded that the thesis serves to facilitate the advancement of regional geologic interpretation by supplying comprehensive subsurface evidence for further use on a regional basis, and by a discussion of the approach and methods recommended for the establishment of stratigraphic units which are desirable and practical in the subsurface section.