An analysis of professional negotiations in selected Texas public school districts, 1967-72



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Purpose of the Study: The purpose of this study was to survey the problem of professional negotiations in Texas public schools, and to determine the attitude of classroom teachers, superintendents, and school board members on items of concern during the development of professional negotiations agreements. Included in this study were four hundred thirty-four classroom teachers, twenty-four superintendents, and seventy school board members from the twenty-four schools who cooperated in the study. An evaluation of the participating schools was not intended, and the material was assembled so that results by schools remained anonymous. Procedure: A questionnaire was devised and mailed to classroom teachers (one from each campus who had been active in working on the development of the professional negotiation agreement in their district), to superintendents, and to all school board members of the twenty four school districts who participated in the study. The first part of the questionnaire requested demographic information which was put into table form by items. The second part was a group of twelve statements of fact regarding areas and people involved in developing agreements. Respondents were asked to complete these statements by using a five-point scale. Respondents were requested to complete parts three, four, five, and six by ranking the statements in order of importance, in their opinion. Part three was concerned with items which seemed most important in negotiation. Part four dealt with areas of controversy during development procedures. Part five dealt with advantages to be gained as the result of a professional agreement, and part six had to do with benefits received by teachers as a result of the completed agreement. Each respondent was requested to state the level of agreement in force in their school district, and their opinion as to whether or not all agreements should be Level III agreements.



Collective bargaining--Teachers--Texas, Teachers' unions--Texas