Gas chromatographic - mass spectrometric analysis of volatile constituents in saliva

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Profile analysis of biological fluids has found wide application in a number of areas of scientific investigation. Present methods for the development of these metabolic profiles are limited to the use of headspace techniques and solvent extraction methods. A new method for the development of saliva profiles which provides information complementary to existing analyses has been developed. This method employs saponification, extraction, and derivatization of a whole saliva sample prior to capillary gas chromatographic analysis. The results of the developed methodology provide a reliable, reproducible method for metabolic profiling. Gas chromatographic - mass spectral analysis of the volatile constituents provided positive identification of 39 compounds. Application of the developed protocol toward the investigation of saliva as a vehicle for the non-invasive detection of certain pathological states, specifically diabetes mellitus and liver disorders, was undertaken. The use of saliva as a means of determining blood cholesterol levels and time of ovulation was also explored. Results of these pilot studies indicate that metabolic profiling of saliva shows potential for the determination of serum cholesterol levels and certain disease states. Recommendations for further study are included.

Gas chromatography, Mass spectrometry, Saliva