A study of the effect of bibliotherapy on third-grade children using a master list of titles from children's literature



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The Purpose. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of bibliotherapeutic reading on third graders in normal classroom situations. Procedures. Twelve classes of heterogeneously grouped third-grade children in three elementary schools of different socioeconomic levels in a Gulf Coast industrial city were selected at random for the study, which took place during the Spring Semester, 1968. There were 270 pupils who participated in the program, either as experimental or control subjects. The entire third grade in the three schools was pretested with the California Test of Personality, Form AA, with their teachers reading the test items aloud while the children read them silently in individual booklets. At the end of the nine-week experimental period the entire group was post-tested with the California Test of Personality, Form BB. [...]



Children, Books and reading, Children''s literature, Bibliotherapy