Envisioning an Anti-Racist Future: From Practice to Policy (Part 3/Day 1)


In Part Three, we turn our attention to the future. If anti-racism is the goal, how will we get there? What is the future we can imagine, and what is the future of social work in this new society? In Part Three, we examine the emerging movements in social work that are actively working to dismantle racism and White supremacy. These panels explore the use of futures thinking to reimagine our future, abolition of carceral systems as a means of achieving justice, the role and importance of Black women in the fight for liberation, and social work’s role in the radical movements needed to bring about an anti-racist future. Together these chapters lay the groundwork for the future of social work and our role in creating the change we wish to see.

This portion of the symposium features:

  1. Welcome to the Symposium: Laura S. Abrams, Sandra Crewe, Alan Dettlaff, James Herbert Williams

  2. Panel 1: Toward a New Vision of Society Powered by Our Moral Imagination: Laura Burney Nissen, Joshua R. Gregory, Troy Harden

  3. Panel 2: Abolitionist Strategies for Achieving Justice and Liberation: Noor Toraif & Justin Mueller; Michael Rangel & Sam Harrell; Alizé Hill, Durrell Washington, Lester Kern, & Toyan Harper Jr.



social work, racial justice, white supremacy, symposium proceedings