A study of core curriculum requirements in college and university programs for the preparation of school administrators



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The purpose of the inquiry was to describe the prevailing practices in college and university graduate programs with respect to the common core requirements in programs for the preparation of school administrators, and the systems for judgment as to prevailing practice and future practice. Inherent in this purpose were the following problems: 1. To observe the prevailing patterns of common core requirements that students would complete as courses and have as experiences; 2. To ascertain the constraints and pressures that are recognized to influence judgment regarding the inclusion and exclusion of elements in the common core requirements; 3. To make an analysis of opinions as to influences that were evident in the prevailing curriculum content, learning experience, and instructional procedure of the common core requirements; 4. To document statements of recognized agencies that provide future guidelines for modification, innovation, or change in the common core requirements. The population for the study included 83 administrative education department chairmen in colleges and universities, offering terminal degrees in administrative education, with National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education approved programs for the preparation of school administrators. [...]