Characterization of CVD Grown Monolayer and Few Layer Graphene using Microwave Dielectric Resonator



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Right from its successful isolation in 2004, Graphene has never failed to surprise people with its never ending potential to exhibit extraordinary properties. Even though the number of publications dedicated towards graphene increases exponentially, there has been something always putting the graphene away from wide variety of possible applications especially in the electronic industry. High temperature requirement for the synthesizing of graphene is one of the major drawbacks for the electronic industry. Also, since its isolation most of the studies about electronic properties of graphene is done under DC environment by studying the IV characteristics of the transistor fabricated out of graphene. This study here is to analyze the electronic property variation between monolayer and few layer graphene. Here, a microwave dielectric resonator is used to study the sheet conductance of the graphene. Studying the consequences of increase in number of layers stacked upon each other, on the conductivity and electron mobility of the multilayer graphene will provide a better understanding about the few layer graphene.



Chemical vapor depostion, Graphene, Microwave dielectric resonator